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About Us

About Us

My name is Nazif Çataloğlu Dilaver ; I was born in the year of 1979 in Kyrenia. For the last 15 years, I work as an architect in our island and different countries abroad. Despite of living in Germany, I feel lucky every day to be born in an island like Cyprus. I returned back to the island after getting my bachelor’s degree from such a good quality university like EMU, and my master’s degree from University of Birmingham, England. I then started my professional life in Özyalçın Construction Company and then established NZF Architecture Office in 2007. In this 15 years, I had the chance to carry out a number of projects in my own profession and in associations of “JCI Young Entrepreneurs and Leaders Association” and “TRNC Underwater Community” actively working as chairman and member of management. Being awarded the prize “Best Environmental Project” in Turkey, 2008 and Europe, 2009 was such an honor for me. I live with the awareness that we have to develop as integrated to the world from Cyprus and improve what we do everyday in order to go beyond oneself. Hence, we should never forget that we have to challenge ourselves in every design.

AIM: Synchronized with other countries, we allow our clients to use specifically selected materials suitable for location and project use with an innovative approach. When we first start with the project, our first priority is the compatibility with the nature. In doing this, we prioritize the materials parallel with the innovative world architecture movement and their harmony with the space. Our aim is to create distinctive designs that stand out with every project.

Nazif Çataloğlu Dilaver

Chief Architect

Meeting with clients, preparing concept during project formation and ensuring the building layout in accordance with the desired function. Performing the required land controls and analyzing the development status of the project, and conducting all controls until the delivery of a project to the client.

Duygu Kurtarıcıeller Toksoy

Senior Architect

Mediha Seçil Haksoy


Leyla Öztemiz


Selen Teksöz

Architect, Metaverse Content Writer and Designer

Sertaç Gümüş

Electrical Engineer, Project Manager for Metaverse

Mohamed Baraası


Hatice Evli

Office Keeper